Talking Mats Specialist Seminars

Following the success of previous seminars we are holding further specialist seminars in Stirling and London for anyone who has done the Talking Mats training. The topics will be: Talking Mats and the Eating and Drinking resource (morning) Talking Mats and Capacity (afternoon) During the Eating and Drinking seminar, we provide background on how and why […]

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Part time opportunity with Talking Mats North West England

Do you want a part time, time limited opportunity to work for Talking Mats based in the North West of England? We are appointing an  External Associate to extend access to resources and training in this part of the country. We would like this person to generate interest and business in the North West of England in Talking […]

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Talking Mats and Dementia in Denmark

We are very grateful to  Kristine Pedersen from Kommunikationscentret in Denmark for sharing the findings of 2 projects with us.  The first project found Talking Mats was effective in supporting communication for people who have dementia when compared with both unstructured and structured conversations. ‘t is important to know how to give people with dementia the right support’ At Kommunikationscentret in Hillerød (Denmark), […]

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The hierarchy of visual representation

 We are very grateful to Tom Tutton from Autism Spectrum Australia for this interesting blog.  Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) works with people on the autism spectrum and their families. We regularly recommend visual communication strategies because people on the spectrum often have strengths in visual learning. This is especially important in our work through Aspect Positive Behaviour […]

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Advantages and risks of social media

I’ve been thinking about the advantages and risks of social media after Talking Mats recently reached 10K Twitter followers. We (and by we I really mean my co-director, Lois, who had the vision – and at times the addiction! -to embrace and develop social media for Talking Mats) have worked hard at engaging with people […]

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