Talking Mats Specialist Seminars

Recently we delivered two Talking Mats specialist seminars in London: Talking Mats and the Eating and Drinking resource Talking Mats and Capacity Both seminars were very well attended with lots of discussion from a wide range of professionals. During the Eating and Drinking seminar, we provided background on how and why the resource was developed and […]

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Using Talking Mats to gain feedback from parents

We are grateful to Nicola King SLT, who describes how she and colleagues use Talking Mats not only to gain feedback from parents about the therapy process, but also about the parent’s understanding of the child’s diagnosis and its impact. The options to start the discussion are included in the mind map below. Click on […]

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Involving children in setting personal outcomes

The intention at the core of the Scottish Strategy Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) is to keep the child at the heart of the planning process. Helping the child to set personal outcomes based on what is important to them, should be the starting point. In practice, this can be difficult as many of the well-being indicators are […]

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Using Talking Mats in a Higher Education Career Guidance Setting

One of the many ‘non-traditional’ uses of Talking Mats has been the work that has been undertaken with university students (both undergraduate & post graduate) at the University of Stirling. Since 2008, staff in the Career Development Centre at the University have been trained to use Talking Mats as a tool to help students to […]

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How do health service staff support people with communication disability?

It is recognised that it is difficult for people with communication disability to give feedback to health service staff.  The group that developed the Making communication even better resource decided that mystery shopping would be a good way to find out whether health  staff were supporting their communication and enabling them to access the services […]

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