Limerick from our latest accredited training course

There were 3 trainers from Sweden Who thought Stirling was a bit like Eden When Friday at 3 o clock They got a positive chock Went home with Scots beer and a Tm agreement We have great respect for our Swedish trainees who come here do a full 2 day course in English and can […]

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Grandma Murphy

Can Talking Mats be used with people with late stage dementia?

Grandma Murphy’s thoughts Last Monday I was visiting my mum-in-law who is 95 and has severe dementia. She wasn’t great when I arrived and the staff said she was very tired. It was hard to understand what she was saying and she seemed very frail. For something to do, I showed her some of the […]

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How can you support a child with communication difficulties in child protection?

Talking Mats role in child protection Here are 3 stories of how Talking Mats has been helpful to staff from Edinburgh Council – Child Protection Team. Use with parents N. works with chaotic drug using parents and said “TMs was a turning point – like gold dust – it helped parents identify important issues”. Involving child in […]

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Ian 3

Talking Mats in action

We have been asked to show a clip of video of Talking Mats in action. This clip shows Ian,who had a cerebral haemorrhage when he was 30, using Talking Mats to think about his goals for rehabilitation. Click here to watch video

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Exciting times for Talking Mats

We have just received 2000 copies from the printer of the second edition of our book – Talking Mats: A Resource To Enhance Communication. It contains updated information throughout, including a section on our ‘Circles Model’ which is useful as a method of thinking about what affects a person’s ability to engage and interact across the […]

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