What’s in the Health and Well-being resource?

The Health and Well-being resource is based on the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) which is a framework which covers almost every aspect of daily life and can be applied over different cultures (WHO 2001). Use of the WHO ICF helps professionals to think holistically about the people they are working […]

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Has Talking Mats been used in Court ?

Has Talking Mats been used in court ? This is a question that we have often been asked and up until now we have been until able to give examples. On a recent training in Belfast there were two registered intermediaries, their role is to assist vulnerable witnesses and defendants with communication difficulties in the […]

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A tool to help those difficult conversations

I like my iPad and I LOVE the new Talking Mats app. My 89 year old mum lives on her own about 2 hours from where I live and enjoys looking at photos on my iPad Mum has ‘all her marbles’, as the saying goes, and freely expresses her extreme views on current affairs, politics […]

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effective communication

What do we mean by communication effectiveness?

The final part of my keynote talk at the AAC Conference in Helsinki last month focused on what we mean by communication effectiveness. It is important to be able to determine the effectiveness / success of an interaction between two people, whether they are politicians, parent and child, husband and wife….. people using AAC systems […]

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The importance of social etiquette

In my last blog I wrote about the purposes of human communication and suggested that social closeness is essential for effective communication. Janice Light, in her 1988 model, described social etiquette as the ability to conform to social conventions of politeness and one of the key purposes of communication. I believe that social etiquette has […]

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