How can Talking Mats be used to help someone identify worries about their health?

Within the Health and Well-being resource there are four symbol sets (health, looking after yourself, communication and leisure & environment). Within the ‘health’ set, there are three topics which can be used to help people express their views about different aspects of their health: • Health • Coping • Mobility I worked with Pete who […]

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Using the ‘looking after yourself’ symbol sets

When people have been in hospital for a period of time, for whatever reason, consideration needs to be given to discharge planning. There are often concerns about what a person may manage to do independently when they get home, and this often has an impact on where people are discharged to and what type of […]

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Where’s the best place to start with the Health and Well-being resource?

In a previous Blog, Joan talked about the four purposes of communication (Light 1988): 1. Expression of needs and wants 2. Information transfer 3. Social closeness 4. Social etiquette Social closeness can often be overlooked when we support people with communication difficulties, as there can be a temptation to focus on what some see as […]

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What’s in the Health and Well-being resource?

The Health and Well-being resource is based on the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) which is a framework which covers almost every aspect of daily life and can be applied over different cultures (WHO 2001). Use of the WHO ICF helps professionals to think holistically about the people they are working […]

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Has Talking Mats been used in Court ?

Has Talking Mats been used in court ? This is a question that we have often been asked and up until now we have been until able to give examples. On a recent training in Belfast there were two registered intermediaries, their role is to assist vulnerable witnesses and defendants with communication difficulties in the […]

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