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What’s the accredited training like?

Accredited training in Stirling In the end of October, I pushed my bad flying-nerves aside and travelled from Stockholm to Stirling to attend the Accredited Training Course at Talking Mats. It was two intensive days where we, a small group of six people, in a structured way learned about and had the chance to try […]

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Using the Talking Mats app with someone with aphasia

During the final stages of developing Digital Talking Mats, we invited some people with aphasia and their partners to come and try it out for us. I spent some time talking to Matthew, who has severe global aphasia and dyspraxia. Matthew loves having a chat, but relaxed conversation can be a challenge because Matthew finds […]

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stirling training Nov 2012

What does Talking Mats training allow you to do?

Standard Training  Attending one of our standard training courses will: Provide you with a range of practical tools and models that will help you evaluate a person’s ability and their level of support required Give you a holistic framework to support people with communication disability Build your confidence in using Talking Mats Encourage your creativity […]

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My wider world - Primary

What’s in the children and young people Talking Mats resource?

  We wanted to develop a tool that would give a holistic picture of how a child or young person feels about their lives at home at school and in their communities. We took into account the significant developmental changes that occur from 3 to 17 years and the influence of environmental and personal factors […]

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Why are Talking Mats and CIRCA powerful communication systems?

By Dr Norman Alm, School of Computing, University of Dundee.   Have been thinking for some years – and having dialogues with Joan Murphy – about this : would it be possible to come up with a new type of AAC where both the non-speaking person and their communication partner(s) were equally in joint control of some sort […]

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