How Talking Mats helps personalisation

I want to go on holiday on my own! At a recent training Jenn Hall who is a Personalisation Development Worker, told the story of her first use of Talking Mats. She used it with a woman that she has known for some time to discuss her views about her going on holiday. The lady […]

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Preventing abuse and supporting disclosure for people with a learning disability

Talking Mats has been working with Survivor Scotland.  They are the organisation that oversees the National Strategy for Survivors of childhood abuse in Scotland. They have focused their work on a whole range of people but recognise the incidence of abuse within Learning disability is very high and that people with a learning disability often […]

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Limerick from our latest accredited training course

There were 3 trainers from Sweden Who thought Stirling was a bit like Eden When Friday at 3 o clock They got a positive chock Went home with Scots beer and a Tm agreement We have great respect for our Swedish trainees who come here do a full 2 day course in English and can […]

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Grandma Murphy

Can Talking Mats be used with people with late stage dementia?

Grandma Murphy’s thoughts Last Monday I was visiting my mum-in-law who is 95 and has severe dementia. She wasn’t great when I arrived and the staff said she was very tired. It was hard to understand what she was saying and she seemed very frail. For something to do, I showed her some of the […]

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How can you support a child with communication difficulties in child protection?

Talking Mats role in child protection Here are 3 stories of how Talking Mats has been helpful to staff from Edinburgh Council – Child Protection Team. Use with parents N. works with chaotic drug using parents and said “TMs was a turning point – like gold dust – it helped parents identify important issues”. Involving child in […]

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