Santa’s Talking Mat

Karen did a talking mat with her 5 year old daughter about what she wanted from Santa. She gave her a selection of options and Tamara put the 4 she wanted most under the thumbs up symbol. She put some in the middle and some she didn’t want. However when Karen asked Tamara if she […]

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New education post

We are delighted that Margo Mackay has joined the Talking Mats Team and will be focusing on extending the work of Talking Mats in education. She has just completed a research project, funded by NHS Forth Valley, which examined whether using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health – Children and Youth Version (ICF-CY) […]

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Talking Mats and stammering

At a recent training someone brought an excellent DVD example of a child with a stammer using Talking Mats. Interestingly, the child was able to chat about her views on school with almost complete fluency. Is there something about using the mat that takes the pressure off direct face to face communication? Does anyone else […]

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Talking Mats in Paris

Joan spent an interesting 2 days in Paris last week running a follow–up day for participants who had been trained in Talking Mats in November 2011. Finding out what a young man with cerebral palsy feels about his social networks (this led to an improvement of his understanding of the purpose of his communication with […]

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Exciting week

What an exciting week! On Tuesday Sally Boa joined the Team in a more permanent role as our Senior Associate. She will be working with us for 2 days a week and will allow us to develop some of the new ideas we are planning including new resources, new consultancy and new research. She has […]

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