Grandma Murphy

Can Talking Mats be used with people with late stage dementia?

Grandma Murphy’s thoughts Last Monday I was visiting my mum-in-law who is 95 and has severe dementia. She wasn’t great when I arrived and the staff said she was very tired. It was hard to understand what she was saying and she seemed very frail. For something to do, I showed her some of the […]

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How can you support a child with communication difficulties in child protection?

Talking Mats role in child protection Here are 3 stories of how Talking Mats has been helpful to staff from Edinburgh Council – Child Protection Team. Use with parents N. works with chaotic drug using parents and said “TMs was a turning point – like gold dust – it helped parents identify important issues”. Involving child in […]

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Ian 3

Talking Mats in action

We have been asked to show a clip of video of Talking Mats in action. This clip shows Ian,who had a cerebral haemorrhage when he was 30, using Talking Mats to think about his goals for rehabilitation. Click here to watch video

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Exciting times for Talking Mats

We have just received 2000 copies from the printer of the second edition of our book – Talking Mats: A Resource To Enhance Communication. It contains updated information throughout, including a section on our ‘Circles Model’ which is useful as a method of thinking about what affects a person’s ability to engage and interact across the […]

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edge with John Swinnie

Scottish Edge Awards 2013 Winners!!

On Monday 22nd February we were delighted to be winners of the Scottish EDGE award 2013 – an exciting new Dragon’s Den style fund which aims to support and encourage entrepreneurial activity in Scotland. The fund was open to ambitious entrepreneurs looking to set up or grow their businesses, with those demonstrating the most potential […]

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