Lovely comments

Its always very heartening to get positive feedback about what we are trying to do so here are 2 lovely comments that came in last week.

This one from Lynsey who attended our training course on Friday

‘Just to say a massive thank you for today.  It was one of the most stimulating and well thought out courses I have been to- ever! (and I’ve been to a lot!). Totally enthused and motivated to do my ‘homework’ for next session and can’t wait to get using the mats.

Thanks again,

This one from Andy

‘Just thought I’d let you know that after attending training in May/June 2012 I’m using Talking Mats more and more.Recently I was able to use a talking mat with a client when they were interviewed by the police.The policeman really got the idea and effectiveness of using it too and took a photocopy of the mat away as evidence.
Don’t know if this is a first!  But just thought it might be worth mentioning.

Thanks again
Kind Regards

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