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Exciting times for Talking Mats

We have just received 2000 copies from the printer of the second edition of our book – Talking Mats: A Resource To Enhance Communication.┬áIt contains updated information throughout, including a section on our ‘Circles Model’ which is useful as a method of thinking about what affects a person’s ability to engage and interact across the lifespan.

The book also includes some of our new symbols which signify a significant change for Talking Mats. We have commissioned a graphic artist to design and develop a completely new style of symbols specifically for Talking Mats which we believe are attractive and conceptually thoughtful. They are based on the ICF and will be used both as hard copies with all our packages and on the new digital version of Talking Mats which will be available in the summer.

Here is a sneak preview – can you guess which ICF domain this represents?

Exciting things are happening in Talking Mats……watch this space!