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We offer a variety of training courses throughout the UK that are tailored to suit individual teams and/or organisations and that help them develop their services to people with communication disability.

We are committed to helping organisations embed the use of Talking Mats in their practice and offer 3 levels of bespoke training, which will include different degrees of input.

1. Training only – Talking Mats Foundation
No symbol resources are provided for the participants

2. Training with Symbol Resources – Talking Mats Foundation.
In addition to the foundation level training each participant gets a choice of one symbol set including 3 topics for each participant to use in their practice.

3. Enhanced Talking Mats training: embedding into practice
As per the foundation training with resources but in addition we provide a follow up training day to help staff reflect, refresh and extend the implementation of Talking Mats with their clients.

Here is a blog that gives an organisations view on their bespoke Talking Mats training /thoughts-on-a-talking-mats-training-course/

Thank you. Excellent training, very transferable skills and will benefit patients.

Training Participant

Inspiring. Thank you. Really useful WHO ICF framework and framework for thinking about people’s cognitive level.

Training Participant

Brilliant day! Feel more confident on how to go about tackling different topics.

Training Participant

Very worthwhile course, have learned a lot and will surely use the mats at work.

Training Participant

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your particular requirements.