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Digital Talking Mats

In the years since its release the Digital Talking Mats platform has helped thousands of people who otherwise would find it challenging to express how they feel. The latest version of Digital Talking Mats is a web-app, accessible through our website. This means that we are able to include many of the features that our customers want, including the ability to:

  • Add and save photos.
  • Personalise conversations by adding symbols from other Resources.
  • Create and save your own Personalised Mats (provided you have completed Talking Mats Foundation Training).
  • Think through and order your Talking Mats conversation.
  • Change and select an appropriate Top Scale.
  • File your thinker’s mat in an easy to retrieve manner.
  • Save and email reports of your Talking Mats sessions.

In a nutshell

The new Digital Talking Mats (DTM) is a subscription-based web app which is accessed via our website. It contains all the Talking Mats Resources currently available to purchase, to ensure that it can be used in as many different contexts as possible.

The subscriptions

We want to ensure that there is a DTM subscription for everyone. To that end, there are three different levels of individual subscription (Starter, Enhanced, Complete) which can be renewed on a monthly or annual basis. There is also a subscription specifically for organisations, which offers the chance to have multiple users tied to an organisation, all at ‘Complete’ level.

Once you have signed up for a subscription, you can easily see the details in the ‘digital subscriptions’ section of your account.

App Features and How to Use Them

Once you have subscribed and accessed the app, there is a helpful video which tells you all you need to know about how to use the app. This includes setting up a new thinker, creating a new Talking Mat with the symbols of your choice, and how to view snapshots of previous sessions you have carried out.

Technical Tips


All browsers are equal, but some are more equal than others. Our app is optimised for Google Chrome, but will also work on Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Internet explorer is not supported. It is a good idea to make sure your browser is as up to date as possible for the best user experience. More detailed information on browser compatibility is available here.

App Navigation

When you are navigating from page to page in the app, it is actually creating overlays on a single web page. This means that when you are in the app, if you press the ‘back’ button on your browser, it will take you out of the app completely. There are prompts on each page to allow you to navigate forwards and backwards within the platform.