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Frequently Asked Questions



Topic – the subject that is being discussed

Options – situations represented by a symbol

Top scale – symbols that show what a person thinks with a positive point, a mid-point and a negative point

Thinker – the person communicating their views via the mat

Listener – the person preparing and carrying out the mat, usually a prectitioner or carer

Resource set – a collection of topic packs that has been created to look at a particular area, for example Early Years

Resource Bundle – resources packaged together to give a complete view of a person’s life, for example; Consulting Children and Young People

Advanced Resource – available once trained at Foundation level

DTM – digital talking mat.  Also referred to as the digital resource, digital app or digital V2

Personalised mat – on the DTM.  A specifically created mat with images personal to the a thinker.  Can be saved and used again.  Available once trained at Foundation level.

Resource library – all the symbols you have access to on the DTM depending on your subscription level, including an photos or images you may upload.

Foundation Training – our training course that can be completed online or face to face

Advanced Online Module – available once trained at Foundation level. Keeping Safe currently available.

Do I need to train to use Talking Mats?

Talking Mats encourage everyone who wants to use our resources to train with us first.  Although it appears simple, the planning and process of carrying out a mat is not simplistic.  It is based on research by Speech and Language therapists who looked at who could use Talking Mats and how best to use it in different situations.  There are a set of principles developed from this research that guide how Talking Mats is best delivered and training makes sure practitioners apply these principles in their communications.

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Do the prices in the shop include VAT?

Because we send Talking Mats resources all over the world, we do not include VAT in the prices displayed in our shop, as rates will vary from country to country.

Certain products, for example Talking Mats Foundation training do not require VAT to be added, so if you purchase a Training + Resource bundle, you will only pay VAT on the price of the resource.

Other items which do require VAT include our digital subscriptions and shipping.

All VAT will be added at the checkout and you will be able to see the total VAT you are paying on your order.

How do I order resources and book training from the website?

For resources read here

For training read here

For further guidance on payment using a purchase order, please click here.