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Licensed Training

Talking Mats have over 200 dedicated Licenced Trainers across the world. Join our Community.

What is a Licenced Trainer ?

Being a licenced trainer allows you to train others to use Talking Mats. This can be in your own Organsiation, within a Partnership or as an Independent trainer.

How to become a Licensed Talking Mats trainer 

To attend this course you need to have:

  • Completed a Talking Mats Foundation training course.
  • Demonstrate experience of using Talking Mats in practice by submitting 3 case examples and a short video of using Talking Mats with someone with communication difficulties.
  • An in-depth knowledge of communication disability
  • Good presentation and training skills

The Course

The course is delivered in 2 ways

Face to Face  – a 2 day,  residential course held on the Innovation Park at Stirling University.  This is a very interactive course with a high level of input from participants.  Cost includes training materials, subscription for the Complete level of Digital Talking Mats, accommodation for one night and all meals. Cost £950. Please note all these trainings are suspended until 2022.

Online – consists of 4 sessions delivered via Zoom over 3 days.  Each session is 3 hours long.  Cost includes training materials and subscription for the Complete level of Digital Talking Mats. Cost £850

The Licence

You will be licenced to run the Talking Mats Foundation Training course which runs over 2 half days.  There is a licence renewal fee each year and a small participant fee payable to Talking Mats for every person you train.

To apply

An application form needs to be completed please contact us for more details