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Thoughts on a Talking Mats training course

Many thanks to Sara Toyn, Head of Adult Speech and Language Therapy, who has given us her thoughts on an organisational Talking Mats training course recently held in Powys, Wales. Together with Katie Earing, Sara organised the training course which included participants from a variety of NHS backgrounds and who worked with a range of adults with communication difficulties.

‘I attended a Talking Mats training organised by our team and offered to trained and untrained members of staff working in hospital and community. As an SLT I found it good revision and review of my own practice and also helped refocus some of my ideas and approaches.

The evaluations from all participants were extremely positive. We were overcrammed into too small a room as is the case with many training rooms and usually this is the first comment made on feedback.  I think it is positive that no one mentioned this at all on the evaluations as everyone was very engrossed in the activities and videos.  I have had several individuals point out how much they learnt and they report an increase in confidence in communicating with clients.’

Here are some of the comments from course participants

  • This has opened up a whole new world of communication. Thank you.
  • Very worthwhile course, have learned a lot and will surely use the mats at work.
  • Feel I could integrate this into everyday practice with stroke patients – goal setting, D/C planning etc.
  • Good interactive session.
  • Completely unique! Thank you.
  • Thank you. Excellent training, very transferable skills and will benefit patients.
  • Really good. Being specific in the topic and phrasing questions openly, not only using Talking Mats.
  • Have a patient in mind for tomorrow morning.
  • Thank you. Really useful WHO ICF framework and framework for thinking about people’s cognitive level.

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