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Adult Protection Scotland Project (ASP3): Increasing the Reach

The final report for the project funded by the Scottish Government has been approved. This project increased the reach of the accessible communication workshop designed in 2011. The workshop aimed to raise awareness amongst people with Communication Support Needs (CSN) of their rights under the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 and to support them to understand and use the Act.  The project started in January 2012 and 51 people were trained as workshop leaders and by the end of July 20 workshops were run for people with communication support needs. The workshops proved valuable in terms of raising awareness of and understanding of issues of support and protection. Comments from participants attending included

‘Many things were covered which I did not know. I feel much more comfortable with dealing with any problems if they arise.’

‘My neighbour makes me feel unsafe and I know something can be done about it now’

‘finding out that there is no dead end that you can be helped’

A workshop leader commented

‘The sense of well-being and self-worth that most participants have described once they have understood the information about ASP is invaluable’

The incidence of disclosure was high in 8 of the 20 groups run an issue was raised which caused concern and required further investigation. Given that it is recognized that people with CSN have an increased risk of vulnerability then maybe these figures are not surprising. It emphasises the importance of the workshop to give an opportunity for people to reflect on their lives and have the confidence to report any issues of concern or potential harm.

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