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Capacity and Talking Mats

Capacity and Talking Mats

We are delighted to speak at the 7th World Capacity Congress on Adult Capacity on the 7th of June 2022 about Talking Mats and Capacity. Talking Mats facilitates a balanced conversation that can help redress the power imbalance within capacity conversations. This is particularly key where people have communication and or cognitive difficulties, too often poor communication skills are conflated with lack of capacity.

Self – determination is enshrined in law. The fundamental principle we need to remember is that a person is deemed to have capacity to make decisions about their own lives unless assessed otherwise.

This photo shows how Talking Mats helps with determines capacity by supporting people to:  

  • Understand relevant information
  • Retain information
  • Weigh up information
  • Communicate views and wishes

On the 8th of June, Lois’ speaks about Talking Mats specifically supported health decisions in podiatry using a specifically designed podiatry Talking Mats developed jointly with NHS Fife .

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