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Making Communication Even Better

NHS Education Scotland Allied Health Profession (AHP) education strategy 2011-14 recognised that there needs to be a real and sustained emphasis on making communication skills even better. As part of that they were keen to support staff to reflect and improve their skills. Working through Communication Forum Scotland, Capability Scotland and Talking Mats were tasked with working with people who had communication difficulties to develop a resource that would impact on staff, allow for reflection, personal  and clinical development . So on a wet and wild January day in 2012 the group was formed and over the next 2 months, through 3 workshops this diverse group of 20 people shared their ideas for how they want to be treated by health staff . These ideas were turned into 10 visions and then they told stories of the experiences in health settings some good, some not so good and some dreadful. We employed a film maker to capture these stories, developed some questions and collected some useful web resources to signpost people to. The web resource is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to think about the impact of communication in health interactions.  As one recent user of the resource said   ‘I applaud all the individuals who have so kindly taken the time to share their experiences of how communication difficulties impact on everyday life.   The extent of isolation,  lack of respect and sheer frustration is palpable from their reflection of their experiences, as is their determination to positively use these experiences to educate other people in the practicalities of good communication to prevent any other individuals with communication difficulties from suffering.’ So please use the resource to support your work  . The only thing we would ask is that you give us feedback by filling in the evaluation form