Health and Well-being Bundle


The Talking Mats Health and Well-being resource helps people with a communication difficulty to understand, think about and then express their views in a visual way using specially designed communication symbols. It takes a holistic view of the person by exploring a wide range of 13 topics on everyday life. It is based on the World Health Organisation ICF framework and makes it meaningful and accessible.

Clear selection

With the Original Resource you get:

  • Textured Mat
  • 13 packs of specially designed symbols plus a set of the 13 topic headers. (Click on the diagram to enlarge)


  • Health and Well-being booklet
  • Film clips of people using Talking Mats
  • Talking Mats Book-(A Resource to Enhance Communication)
  • All in a portable Fair Trade bag

With the Digital Resource you have:

  • Access to the specifically designed sets of symbols that you have bought
  • An ability to add in your own images and personalise the conversation to suit the needs of the thinker
  • A personal secure log on
  • Instant reports with a facility to capture the context and nuance of the Mat
  • A filing system that enables you to organise and review your thinkers’ views in a systematic and secure way
  • No limits to the amount number of Mats that can be created and stored

NB To purchase the Digital Talking Mats directly, please email with your request.

You can also buy either of these resources as a part of the Complete bundle – you’ll get more for your money.