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Talking Mats Seminar

We had a very enjoyable and stimulating day yesterday at our Talking Mats seminar whose theme was ‘Extending the Reach and Use of Talking Mats’. We had 40 participants from throughout the UK and beyond who are all trained in the use of Talking Mats and were delighted that 5 colleagues from Sweden joined us.

The Open Space format of the day allowed plenty of time for connections, discussion, exchange of ideas, learning and laughter.

The participants came up with 8 main themes – four discussed in the morning:
How do we extend the reach of Talking Mats in the assessment process?
•How do we extend the reach of Talking Mats with families and other key players?
•How do we vary the top scale?
•How do we extend the reach of Talking Mats in non-traditional settings

– and in the afternoon:
•Using Talking Mats in research and evaluation
•How can Talking Mats be used in child and adult protection?
•What would family Talking Mats training look like?
•Accredited trainers sharing time

We promise to put the summary from each theme on the blog over the next few weeks!

We finished the day with a lovely meal and more chat…