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Dysphagia and Decision Making subsidised by Nutricia – 23rd May 2019 

This Talking Mats specialist training is relevant to you if you support people with eating and drinking difficulties.

Each person will receive the Eating and Drinking resource which is designed to help people think about their eating and drinking and the impact on their health.

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Thinking Ahead: Strathcarron Hospice and Talking Mats are working to together to offer a new course focusing on end-of-life conversations – Date TBC

This combined foundation and Thinking Ahead course is relevant to you if you want to develop your skills in Talking Mats and consider its role and application to advance care planning.

Each participant will receive the Thinking Ahead resource which can be used to support people to discuss sensitive topics around end of life care. There are 3 topics within the set:

Affairs:  Care and Treatment:  Personal Values
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Advanced course: Thinking Ahead

Talking Mats and Safeguarding

This combined foundation and Keeping Safe course will help you develop your skills in Talking Mats and its use in safeguarding. (For anyone who has previously completed the foundation training, please contact the office)

The cost of the course includes the Talking Mats Keeping Safe Resource – A powerful communication tool to help people reflect on how their lives are going; It supports safeguarding by allowing issues of concern to arise from broad discussion.


The course will:

  • demonstrate its use through filmed examples  of people using it
  • discuss impact on people’s lives
  • plan implementation and discuss the challenges of use
  • show how using it not only improves quality of lives but saves services money
  • Each participant will receive the full resource as part of the course

Please email or phone 01786 479511 to register your interest in the next course (date to be confirmed).