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Using Talking Mats® to Facilitate Patient Feedback

We were delighted to receive this excellent poster from Lora Franceschi who used Talking Mats and the Visual CARE Measure to facilitate patient feedback in a rehab team. Lora works with the Speech and Language Therapy Rehab Team at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

The team combined the Visual CARE Measure with the Talking Mats technique to fulfil the following aims:

  1. Obtain the views of patients (and their carers) on how empathic and patient centred the SLT had been during their inpatient rehab stay
  2. Establish if the Talking Mats activity could facilitate feedback from patients with moderate-severe communication difficulties
  3. Determine the time and resource implications in obtaining patient feedback using the above method
  4. Ascertain whether this format could be rolled out across other SLT teams within Greater Glasgow and Clyde

These aims were all fulfilled and they concluded that this approach could be replicated with other teams and used as a means to gain feedback from patients with communication difficulties.

Click here to see the full poster with their results  2016 QEUH VCM and TM. We think this is such an excellent poster that we have printed it out and put it on the wall in the Talking Mats Office.
You can do the same!

To get copies of the full report please contact Lora at