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What’s the accredited training like?

Accredited training in Stirling
In the end of October, I pushed my bad flying-nerves aside and travelled from Stockholm to Stirling to attend the Accredited Training Course at Talking Mats. It was two intensive days where we, a small group of six people, in a structured way learned about and had the chance to try out different aspects of teaching Talking Mats. It was interesting to hear the other participants’ experiences with Talking Mats. Both Joan and Sally who held the course were encouraging and enthusiastic. Doing all this in English made me a little bit dizzy at the end of the days, but nonetheless I came home with a lot of new perspectives and ideas I will try on my colleagues in my first own training session next year. Please have a look at my Evaluation Mat!
Liv Thalén
Speech and Language Therapist
The Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm