NZ view

Talking Mats trip to New Zealand

This is the second blog about Lois and Nicki’s amazing visit to Australasia – this time theirTalking Mats trip to New Zealand. The view flying into New Zealand was dramatic. We looked down on a beautiful range of snow topped mountains glistening in the clear blue sky as our plane flew towards Christchurch. Our first […]

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Nicki and Lois visit Australia and New Zealand

It was a great privilege for Nicki and Lois to visit to Australia and New Zealand and share our experience of Talking Mats with such a fantastic group of interested people. We learned a lot about the opportunities and challenges their work settings present.  Our first blog focuses on Australia and the second on New […]

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Short stories from our accredited training course in Stirling.

Five short stories from our recent accredited training course in Stirling. A looked after child was unhappy but no one knew specifically why. Using the Talking Mats, she indicated that she was upset by the weekly phone call with her mother because it always happened when it was her playing time. The time of the […]

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Talking Mats topics

We’re always amazed to hear from people about the variety of topics they cover using Talking Mats –from how someone is managing their self care or domestic tasks, to arranging a wedding, or thinking about whats important at a funeral. As a communication tool Talking Mats maximises a person’s capacity to reflect on a topic and express […]

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Self-manage by using Digital Talking Mats

We are now half way through our project, funded by The Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland, whose overall aim is to empower people with a range of long term conditions, with and without additional communication difficulties, to self-manage their own health and well-being by using Digital Talking Mats. Participants We have carried out all the […]

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