Free Stuff on Communication Disability

As a result of our research on communication disability we have developed a number of useful templates and resources which we wish to provide as ‘free stuff’ to anyone working with people with communication disability. They include:

Templates and Tools


  • AAC service Evaluation script and symbols This Talking Mats resource was funded by the Scottish Government Right to Speak initiative to enable AAC users to give feedback on their services.
  • Dementia Communication Difficulties Scale – this tool was developed during one of our research projects to help identify the communication difficulties that a person with dementia might be having
  • SUST 2017 (Stirling Understanding Screening Tool) – this tool was developed in order to provide a quick way to gauge the comprehension level of adults with a communication difficulty.
  • EFFC 2016 (Effectiveness Framework of Functional Communication) – this is a simple but helpful tool to measure the effectiveness of an interaction between 2 people. It’s particularly helpful if a video recording has been made of the interaction.
  • ASD Talking Mats guidelines These guidelines have been written to support people who want to teach people with autism how to use Talking Mats.
  • Resolution pics   Do you want to think about your New Year’s resolutions? A fun way to use Talking Mats  with friends and family
  • Embedding TM in practice template – this can be use to plan and record who you use Talking Mats with.
  • Talking Mats reflection template – this can be used to reflect on how the Talking Mats session went. It can be helpful to use it alongside the Talking Mats report template.
  • Talking Mats report template – this can be used to record your Talking Mats session and detail action points.
  • Visual CARE Measure – this is an adapted version of the CARE Measure which can be used to assess patients’ views of practitioners’ communication and relational empathy abilities.
  • Visual CARE Measure information sheet
  • Paediatric CARE Measure – this is a shortened version of the Visual CARE Measure for consulting children and young people with cognitive difficulties, or children with communication difficulties.
  • Paediatric CARE Measure information sheet
  • Paediatric CARE Measure Guidance for AHPs


2017 TM mythbusters

2017 TM and Advance Care Planning (Strathcarron Hospice)

2017 Voice of the Child (NHS Barnet, Enfield & Haringay)

2017 TM and Capacity

2017 Person Centred Approach to Healthcare Planning (CLCH)

2016 Views of Older People with Communication Need (Healthcare Improvement Scotland)

2016 Patient feedback using Visual Care Measure (Queen Elizabeth University Hospital)

2016 Mealtimes and Dementia

2016  TM – A tool for People with Dementia to Express their Views

2016 TM in Interim Care and Long Stay Hospital Settings( NHSGGC)

2015 Keeping Safe


We have reports on all the projects we have carried out.

To see the full list in chronological order and to download the reports click here