Online Training

on-line training

 “I’ve really enjoyed doing something so meaningful, and which is having such a positive impact on my practice.” Additional Support Needs teacher

” It has helped me to think about communication in new ways and I feel confident at using Talking Mats now” Social worker

Talking Mats online training course

This course will help you to:

  • Use the framework to become a skilled Talking Mats listener.
  • Reflect on your own communication
  • Personalise to your own setting so you can use Talking Mats for a range of purposes within your work or at home.
  • Use a tool which evidences your commitment to person centred working.
  • Connect with a world wide community through the forum

The course is designed to take 12 hours of your time – that should include going through the modules and undertaking the tasks and activities. However, everybody works at a different rate so for some it may be quicker and for some longer. You can do the assignments at your own pace but it is important that you complete all the tasks within 6 weeks.  As part of the course you will be asked to make a short film of you doing a Talking Mat and you will receive individual feedback from a Talking Mats tutor. You will be given a submission date and this will be no later than a week before the end of the course.

The dates for the next 2 courses are:

Tuesday 25th July until Monday 4th September
Tuesday 5th September  until  Monday 16th October

Cost: £190 – £360 (Excl VAT). The cost includes a Talking Mats Digital resource. Choose the one that suits you best.

To apply, please download the Online Training Registration Form and email it to us at or contact us for further information if you are interested in our online training course.