Talking Mats & ASD – developing social communication.

Talking Mats and Autism- Have you sometimes tried it and it didn’t work? There is a growing interest in teaching TM to people with ASD. We know that some important adaptations might be required to make this a meaningful experience, and are keen to share our learning so far. Being asked for thoughts or views […]

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Using one symbol set for different purposes

  It’s not necessary to use every symbol in each topic set to have a successful conversation. The Talking Mats symbol sets have a range of options, some concrete and some abstract (more difficult for some to understand)  You don’t need to use every symbol in your set! People have found the Work/Education set in the Health […]

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What really matters

This story, which highlights the importance of finding out what really matters to people, was shared by one of the staff attending the second day of an enhanced Talking Mats training course. She works in a NHS facility for people assessed as needing hospital-based continuing care. I was working with Bill (not his real name) […]

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How can Talking Mats help in determining capacity?

This is the second in a two part discussion on decision making and determining capacity, this time looking at how Talking Mats can help. Click here for the previous blog Where Talking Mats comes into play is by allowing people to consider each option around a decision and then make their decision when they place […]

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Accessible training in remote locations.

Thanks to Natalie Leader, one of our Accredited Trainers from Hobart, Australia for this blog reflecting on her experience of doing the online Foundation training. The beauty of online training is that no matter where you are or what time zone you’re in, there are options. This is really brought to bear when living in a rural or […]

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