Talking Mats and Mental Health

Health professionals from Stockport have shared how using Talking Mats has positively impacted on their clinical work. Laura, our North West  Associate, met up with Carla Innes, Clinical Psychologist for learning disability from Healthy Young minds Stockport (a child and adolescent mental health service provided by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust) and Clare Royle, Family […]

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Using Talking Mats in SLT Supervision

In 2016 ten Speech and Language Therapists working in Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust were funded to attend a Talking Mats training day. During that day the trainers mentioned that Talking Mats is used within their organisation to carry out appraisals. This highlighted that Talking Mats could not only be used with clients but also […]

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Talking Mats-Supporting conversations, Supporting friendships

Conversation with friends is key to our well- being. Talking Mats is a tool to maximise people’s capacity to communicate about things that matter to them.   For people with communication difficulties the ability to have a good conversation is restricted.  For this reason we have developed Conversation sets, described in an earlier blog  […]

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Talking Mats Conversation Sets

A conversation is an informal interaction, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged. Having a conversation can be an enjoyable activity for people and is an important part of socialisation but is often hard for people with communication difficulties to take part and hard for families, friends and staff to […]

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Student Placement: Blog 2

This is the second in a series of Student Placement Blogs written by a 4 the year Psychology Student, Celine Josephine Giese I am almost halfway through with my placement at Talking Mats in Stirling. As already mentioned in my last blog, my role involves reading and interpreting stories of Talking Mats to inform investors […]

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