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What does Talking Mats training allow you to do?

Standard Training 

Attending one of our standard training courses will:

  • Provide you with a range of practical tools and models that will help you evaluate a person’s ability and their level of support required
  • Give you a holistic framework to support people with communication disability
  • Build your confidence in using Talking Mats
  • Encourage your creativity in using and applying Talking Mats in different situations such as goal setting, sharing views, supporting disclosure, enabling decision making…..the list is endless!

You can either

Train the Trainers courses 

However, you cannot train others unless you have completed and passed one of our residential ‘train the trainers’ courses. We put significant emphasis on our accredited training because without it, the quality and integrity of the Talking Mats framework is diluted and damaged.Talking Mats is based on extensive research and although it may appear simple, there are many complex layers involved in using it and we need to be confident that trainers have an in depth knowledge and understanding of these.

In order to apply to become a Talking Mats trainer you have to have completed the standard training (above), be experienced in using Talking Mats and fulfil the course requirements. 

Intellectual Property 

Talking Mats was originally developed at University of Stirling and the Intellectual Property is held by the University and Talking Mats Limited is assigned the sole rights to Talking Mats. Talking Mats is registered as a trademark. Only training that is sanctioned by us is recognised and anyone training others without being a recognized Talking Mats trainer is infringing Intellectual Property and copyright.

Signposting and sharing knowledge 

We are of course delighted when people share their knowledge and experience of Talking Mats and signpost others to the website and resources.