Moving from Primary to Secondary school – pupils share their views of transition

Moving from a primary school to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for children. Whilst schools understand the need to prepare the children for the transition process, due to time constraints, the focus tends to be on group visits to the new school rather than one to one support for individual children. The challenge therefore […]

Transition from children to adult health services

The transition from children’s to adult health services for young people with exceptional needs and their families is complex, multifaceted and fraught with concerns and fears. CEN Scotland commissioned Talking Mats to carry out a study to collect the views of 10 young people and their families who are experiencing this transition in Scotland. The […]

Helping parents see their child’s point of view

Talking Mats is a useful tool to help parents see their child’s point of view. The stage for each parent when their child also has an opinion about what is best for them can come as a surprise and is sometimes challenging.  For parents of children with disabilities it can be even more so. This story […]

Using one symbol set for different purposes

  It’s not necessary to use every symbol in each topic set to have a successful conversation. The Talking Mats symbol sets have a range of options, some concrete and some abstract (more difficult for some to understand)  You don’t need to use every symbol in your set! People have found the Work/Education set in the Health […]

How do you feel about starting school?

Laura’s 4 year old twin boys are just about to start school and she was finding it difficult to have  a proper chat with them about how they are feeling. She wanted to think about how best to help them prepare for the transition from nursery so used Talking Mats. We have done lots of ‘practice mats’ over […]